Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello everyone....
I would like to share my experiences today with all the mozillians about a maker party 2 which i have conducted in the orphanage.
As i have initiated this work last month but was unable to go there regularly because of festivals and unavailability of laptops(as i dont have any).
Today i borrowed a laptop from my friend and conducted tutorials to the orphan students.

I was accompanied with my friend Inzy . He and me sorted out students of higher classes and initially posed them questions from what we taught in first visit.
later on I explained what is internet and how it works and how much it i important nowadays for us.
then we connected to internet and gave Google home page to them and asked to type anything of their wish.
one searched about miracles.....and i was astonished one student wanted to know how much money Reliance owner Ambani have .
after all that we played with those students.

In the end i feel some what relived that I am doing something to those orphans., but one thing makes me low that my efforts are just a small drop in the ocean like task to do to educate these students.
I sincerely thank Mozilla Community that it gave me spark to teach to those who don't have enough resources.
Now i feel that as the community spreads and more students come to teaching 
the day is not far when we say that Our country is not developing but its Developed.

can have view of some pics with my low megapixel camera.

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